The Sugar Investment Diversification Foundation

Sugar Diversification Foundation

The Sugar Diversification Foundation (SIDF) of St Kitts and Nevis was established by the government of the Federation of ST Kitts and Nevis in September of 2006. When the country experienced a decline in its sugar industry the SIDF was formed with the goal of establishing new avenues of creating employment for the persons who were once actively employed in the defunct sugar industry.

There are many reasons why SIDF has been called a great citizenship investment. One of the programs which were approved for obtaining funds for the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation is the St Kitts and Nevis second citizenship program. The way this program functions is that applicants desirous of becoming a citizenship of the federation of St Kitts and Nevis would have to make contribution towards SIDF. There are four different options attached to this type of citizenship option in the tax haven of St Kitts and Nevis. The government of St Kitts began offering citizenship as an option in 1984. These options are listed below:

Option 1: This option applies to a single person wanting to obtain citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis. A contribution of US$250,000 must be made to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation.

Option 2: One applicant with no more than three (3) applicants can apply for this option. The dependents can be two children who must be under the age of eighteen and one spouse. The contribution for this second citizenship option is US$300,000.

Option 3: one individual with no more than five dependents will qualify for this citizenship option. The dependents for this option will include a spouse and four children. The contribution for option three is US$350,000.

Option 4: One applicant with up to six dependents can apply for this option in the SIDF program. This will include one spouse and five children US$450,000.

The contribution made towards the SIDF already includes the application fees which would have been paid to the government. All contributions made to the SIDF are non-refundable.

Anyone above the age of sixteen on applications for Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship will be subjected to due diligence and background checks. Due diligence fees of US$7,500 for main applicant and US$4,000 per dependent over 16 — are paid separately.

SIDF is a great citizenship investment for many reasons. Citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis means the freedom to travel to many countries in the world without a visa. Travel to Great Britain and Canada and many other countries can be achieved with no visa stress. The islands of St Kitts and Nevis are very peaceful islands where crime is very low. A citizen of St Kitts the applicant will be able to live on the islands of St Kitts and Nevis and can also make real estate purchases.


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